Com Quest USA is a new kind of consulting company.  Our strategies are designed to make a real difference in our client’s effectiveness, efficiency and competitive advantage.  CQUSA selects only qualified, proven staff to support our clients.  We listen to the client, and put their needs and requirements first in developing our project plans.  We know management AND technology, which give our clients the most competitive edge on the market.  We’re experience in undertaking new development efforts and supporting client’s existing applications.

We know it isn’t enough to have processes that are proven, they also need to be flexible to adapt to the ever-changing conditions driving business.  In today’s highly technical arena, CQUSA stands apart in our drive to supply superior change management techniques and philosophies critical to successful project implementation.

To put it simply, Com Quest knows the client, knows management, knows technology and knows how to bring each facet together to provide the best solution to the problem.


As a strategic partner, CQUSA’s top priority is complete client satisfaction! We are dedicated to supporting and serving our clients. Here is just a partial list of some of the companies which we have served:



Top Talent

CQUSA Recruits the Best Talent!

Whether you’re in the public or private sector, we provide EXPERIENCED subject matter expertise.

CQUSA Consultants

The core Com Quest asset is its’ people.  CQUSA management is comprised of executive level staff who are recognized as industry leaders with vision. Their insight gained from years of hands-on experience clearly distinguishes them in both the public and private markets. Our people are subject matter experts who understand the challenges facing business. They know the policies, procedures, technologies, and general business processes to successfully complete any project.

Com Quest recognizes that staff quality and motivation are key elements in meeting the needs of our clients. Highly skilled, motivated personnel are a fundamental element in the company’s continued growth and success. The primary focus of Com Quest personnel programs has been, and continues to be, work-force stability and long-term retention. Staff at all levels of the organization bring significant hands-on experience, and this combined experience makes the potential for risk free partnerships a reality.

This talented group of dedicated professionals provides the platform for our tailored solutions, successful performance, high-quality service delivery and national recognition. We create an entrepreneurial culture by empowering our subject matter experts. Each of our staff is given the responsibility for building their businesses. With this critical mass of respected expertise, CQUSA approaches customers current and potential as colleagues. Their customers look to them for answers they can trust, as well as realistic solutions.

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