Our Programs

Our subject matter experts design solutions built to stand the test of time. Whether for the public or private sector, CQUSA provides the ability to evaluate, assess and re-engineer the mission critical processes your organization relies on.

CQUSA offers domain expertise specific to the engagement. Our program, business and subject matter proficiency is the basis for an effective, technologically advanced solution.

Primary Programs Supported

> Child Support
> Health & Human Services
> Tax & Revenue
> Healthcare
> Financial Services
> Utility & Municipality
> Remittance Processing
> EBT/EFT & Card Solutions


Program Services

Child Support
CQUSA provides top quality program expertise, project management, testing, training, maintenance and operations, and system administration support to state and local child support agencies throughout the U.S.

Health and Human Services
CQUSA supports health and human service programs (major health care providers and government welfare programs) through project  oversight and management, business analysis, QA, IV&V and IT services.

Tax and Revenue
CQUSA consultants have many years of experience in the analysis of financial systems and implementation of new applications and system enhancements to support processes and meet customer needs. Our technical and public sector experience lead to an understanding of the requirements of these systems.

We understand the complexities of Federal, State and Local health related programs and the challenges to developing state-of-the art healthcare solutions. Specialties include HIPAA compliance and legacy system conversions.

Financial Services
The financial services marketplace is more demanding than ever before. Customers are savvier, oversight is tighter and competition is intensifying. We help our banking clients meet the operational, technology, customer relationship and risk challenges of a changed industry to gain competitive advantage and achieve high performance.

Utility and Municipality
CQUSA offers program and project oversight/management, process improvement, installation and IT services.

Remittance Processing, EBT/EFT and Card
Our consultants work with banking partners and state governments to accept and process payments, provide electronic and card-based disbursements, improve processes and achieve cost-savings. We specialize in paper to electronic conversion – Let us be your trusted partner!

Building Outstanding Customer Value

CQUSA has helped both government and corporate clients achieve tangible results.

Entities we have represented include Bank of America, HP, First Data, the State of California, the State of Arizona, the State of Texas, and the State of South Carolina.

Customer Value

CQUSA helps clients better understand complex issues and make better strategic decisions by delivering subject matter knowledge and expertise. Our solutions are based on years of experience in specific business programs and technology environments.

Our professional consultants understand the challenges faced by organizations in the present day environment and use that understanding to develop an in-depth insight to your specific business needs, as well as the processes and technologies that drive them. CQUSA assembles multifunctional teams representing each of our service areas, creating client centric solutions that add value across an organization.

You benefit directly from our strategic focus and effective business solutions built through years of domain experience.

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